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Grief Therapy

The world will never be the same without your loved one. You will never be the same without your loved one. Grief changes you to your core, and most people don’t understand what it’s like to be in so much pain and confusion. On top of already feeling so hurt with this loss, many don’t know how to say the right thing or care for you, leading to isolation in your grief. 


Having the space to process the death of your loved one, reflect on your unique relationship and express your sadness helps soothe the heartache. With me, you can feel safe in sitting with your grief without being told that “they’d want you to be happy” or “everything happens for a reason”. In our time together, we will honor your relationship with your loved one, explore lingering questions, and dig deep on the emotions they left you with - including the uncomfortable emotions of anger or resentment.


The bad news is, you will never stop grieving. The good news is, no one ever said you had to. We can do the work to integrate this grief into this new word without them, and the weight of your loss can become easier to carry.

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