Teen therapy

Support for teens in Irvine and throughout California
Do you feel like your teen needs more help than you can give?

Maybe your teen is stressed and isolated or perhaps they’ve asked you to find someone for them to talk to. You may be worried about their mood,  or simply seeing them struggle with friends, school and stress. Perhaps you’re feeling lost on how to help them or give them the tools to manage their stress. 


Whatever it is that you’re experiencing with your teen, you’re beginning to notice the impact of this in every facet of their life:

  • Difficulty with self esteem and confidence

  • Struggling to make and keep friends

  • Challenges with coping with stress effectively

  • Processing a recent loss, trauma or life transition in your family

  • Isolation from friends and family


Teen therapy helps your teen experience these things:

  • Finding a safe space with a supportive and trusted adult for them  to express and explore their emotions

  • Help in reflecting on their experiences, thoughts and feelings and processing their responses to the world around them

  • Empowering them in learning healthy coping skills, successful communication and problem solving  in relationships, and increasing confidence in who they are.

I’ll help through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. My approach to teen therapy  comes from a place of admiration and hope: Recognizing how incredible and deep feeling teenagers are, and believing that they all deserve a space to be heard and empowered in navigating the teenage years.

It’s time to create another support system for your child and give them the tools within their reach to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are teen therapy sessions like?

A: I like to use a combination of talking, exercises, brainspotting, games and even a little bit of (low stress!) homework when working with teens. Every teen is different and unique in who they are, and I tailor my support to meet them where they’re at. 


Q: How long doEs my teen need to be in therapy?

A: I find that my clients usually find the most transformative change with a minimum of 12 sessions, weekly. However, I understand that teens have changing schedules and commitments, and I try my best to be flexible in working with you. I do encourage you and your teen to be committed to meeting with me regularly, since it is the most conducive to change. If at any point, you feel that your teen needs to take a break for whatever reason - that’s okay. I want to make sure that you and your teen feel comfortable with the schedule, financially or otherwise and have plenty of teens take breaks and come back to therapy when they’re ready.


Q: How do I know if Teen Therapy will work for my child?

A: While I can’t make any guarantees, my years of experience working with teens has led me to a place to be able to connect with them, and engage with them in a way that’s supportive and also a healthy challenge to their growth. I understand the importance of trust with teens, and take my time to get to know them so that the implementation of exercises, or psychoeducation will be at its most effective. 


Q: How do we get started?

A: I’m ready when you are! Let’s set up a complimentary 15 minute consultation here. I prefer email, and we can set up a time to chat that works for both of us. During the consultation, you’ll share your concerns with me, I’ll share a little more about how I work and if we feel that we’d be a good fit - we can go over scheduling and availability. I am grateful that I am considered to support your teen and look forward to our work together.


Teen therapy can help.


It may feel impossible now, but your teen can feel supported and confident. They can cope in a healthy way. They can connect with you and their support system in a communicative and engaged way. And I can help them get there.