A safe place to connect, heal, and realize your worth

Does this sound familiar?


You want to feel like things are okay but you or your teen feel:


  • Pressured or expected to be a certain way by others

  • Misunderstood, isolated and resentful towards everyone around you

  • Confused on how to navigate relationship issues

  • Overwhelmed by intergenerational trauma and your family’s attitudes and values

  • Exhausted and unfulfilled trying to be everything everyone else expects you to be

  • Stuck in processing or healing from your trauma or past

Life doesn’t have to stay this way.


Therapy for teens and adults in Irvine and online throughout 
Hi, I’m Stephanie, and I can help. 
I support teens and adults using culturally sensitive support for stress, life transitions, intergenerational trauma and relationships . My clients walk away from therapy with me feeling unburdened and understood, confident in their relationships and empowered in their worth.


Brainspotting and trauma
Life transitions
LATINX High achievers

how i can help you

I believe everyone deserves a space to process their lived experiences whether it's for difficulty with self-doubt, processing trauma, or finding healthier ways to cope with it all. It is my honor to be a place for others to express their struggles and discover the hope and tools for a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Who I support in Irvine and throughout California:

Learn the tools you need to cope, connect with others, navigate life stressors and feel hopeful and confident again.

Reflect on and heal past wounds and trauma with the help of a trained Brainspotting therapist you can trust.

Guidance and understanding, so you can balance all the things that make being a teen challenging.

Finding the roots of your pain and being the one to bring change and healing to your family.

what to expect

Initial consultation

After getting to know about me and my services, email a request for consultation. We will then set up a time for a complimentary 15 minute phone call to discuss your needs and whether we're a good fit. I honor your time and journey, and encourage you to explore all of your options before agreeing to start our work together.

As we begin our work together, we will process your concerns, then identify your goals. With a plan on how to achieve your desired outcome, we will begin the true work of expressing and exploring your emotions, leaning into your worth, and growing into your strengths. Together, we'll build the tools you need to heal and confidently cope with it all.

While we continue with treatment, we often take the time to identify the growth that unfolds. Reflecting on this allows us to see what your treatment may continue to look like. My hope for you is to get to a place where you feel empowered in your healing and the tools you now have within yourself. 

About Me

You wish there was a time when carrying expectations and pressures from family, feeling misunderstood and feeling isolated wasn’t the “norm”…but it feels like your whole life has been this way. Don’t you wish you had the tools to change that?

You’ve come to the right place.